Industry consultation

Industry Consultation

Principles and Objectives of the CMF’s Consultation Policy

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) consultation policy is based on the principle that the industry consultation process should be meaningful, formal, ongoing and inclusive. The underlying values of the policy include transparency, co-operation, communication, balance and results.
The consultation process includes five objectives:

  • Gaining high-level stakeholder input into CMF planning and program development and design 
  • Being informed of emerging stakeholder issues and priorities 
  • Making fully informed policy decisions 
  • Maintaining two-way communication between the CMF and its stakeholders 
  • Allowing stakeholders to be part of, and understand, the CMF's policy making process

In 2014-2015, the consultation process comprised the following elements:

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Working Groups and Advisory Committee

The working groups and advisory committee, comprised of representatives with a particular interest in the topic covered, were employed to delve more deeply into issue-based, program-related topics: Performance Envelopes, Experimental Stream, Convergent Stream’s Standard Recoupment Policy and Digital Media Measurement Framework were the topics discussed during these meetings.

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Individual meetings

In advance of the Convergent Stream’s Standard Recoupment Policy (SRP) working group, the CMF representatives also met with a dozen different groups of stakeholders to seek opinion, feedback and discuss the relative merits of key changes to the SRP.

CMF also held individual meetings with stakeholders groups who wanted to discuss specific issues related to their own particular challenges.

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Written submissions

Although written submissions were not contemplated as part of the initial consultation plan, CMF received approximately 10 written submissions from stakeholders (industry groups and unions, as well as individuals).

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Online Consultation

The CMF website’s consultation page allows stakeholders to access to all consultation information and documents. 

Stakeholders’ active and valuable participation throughout all phases of the consultation process demonstrates the interest of the industry to take part in the evolution of the CMF’s policies and programs.

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