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Industry Research

In September 2014, the CMF launched a new and convenient location for all industry research published by the Industry and Market Trends group. The new website trends.cmf-fmc.ca was designed as the flagship destination for all blog posts, research studies, video interviews and white papers previously located on cmf-fmc.ca.

The site merged CMF’s blog Trendscape, the Industry research section, and the Crowdfunding online resource all of which were previously hosted on the CMF website. The new site features CMF’s analysis blog (formerly Trendscape) which includes more than one hundred posts as well as video interviews. Favoring a collaborative approach with expert bloggers from Canada and around the world, readers can now find an extensive collection of specialized articles about the television and digital media industry all in one online property.

Quick facts for 2014-2015 

  • Guest posts by 6 high-profile bloggers: 
    1.    Duncan Stewart
    2.    Michel Reilhac
    3.    Nick Dorra
    4.    Nuno Bernardo
    5.    Paul Gagnon
    6.    Stuart Dredge
  • Growth of the Watch Squad from 10 to 12 contributors
  • Two international content partnerships secured: MIP BLOG and VAST MEDIA
  • Total volume of outputs: 53 blog posts in English and French; 11 research reports released.
  • Most downloaded report : Keytrends 2015: The Big Blur Challenge (3,776 views)
  • Total page views for the blog (before and after the online transition to CMF Trends): 47,052
  • Total views for research reports: 23,915

List of reports published in 2014-2015

  1. The Future of Branded Entertainment
  2. Keytrends Report 2014 - Mid-Year Update
  3. Learning from Documentary Audiences: A Market Research Study
  4. The State of the Canadian Program Rights Market 2014
  5. International Digital Media Co-Production Guide for Canadian Companies
  6. How Canadians select audiovisual content
  7. Understanding Funders: Funding approaches, challenges & adaptation strategies to help funders cope in a changing media environment
  8. Monetizing Digital Media: Trends, Key Insights and Strategies that Work
  9. Keytrends Report 2015 - The Big Blur Challenge
  10. Content Everywhere 2: Securing Canada’s Place in the Digital Future
  11. Initiating multiplatform program development for France/Canada co-­productions
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