Call Me Fitz: A used-car lot sets the stage for this extended, and funny, morality play. It pits a rascally, skirt-chasing salesman (Fitz) against his do-gooder colleague (Larry) who’s determined to be Fitz’s conscience.

Funding Lists

The funding results list indicates approved and contracted applications for all Convergent and Experimental stream programs. The list reflects the final 2014-2015 results.

Approved applications are shown with the activity funded, the title of the project, the applicant, language, genre, region of activity, project viewing platform, the content type and delivery method of the digital media component, the program and broadcaster envelope (if applicable) providing funding to the component, and the amount committed from each envelope (there can be more than one) or program. If a digital media or television component received no funding from the CMF, it will not appear on this list. For inter-provincial co-productions, the region of control reflects the residence of the majority co-producer and the location of principal photography.

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