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Program Funding Summary

Total CMF Program Funding

With the continued support of its funding contributors, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) contributed $365.6M to Canadian television and digital media projects in 2014-2015, an $11.1M increase, or 3.1%, from the previous fiscal year. A total of $1.3B of industry activity was triggered, an 11.3% increase from 2013-2014.

Breakdown by Program

English 28.2
French 10.4
Accelerator 0.4
Experimental Total 39.0
English 174.0
French 85.9
Performance Envelope Sub-total 259.9
English 7.8
French 2.7
Development Envelope Sub-total 10.5
Convergent Digital Media Incentive 12
English Regional Production Bonus 10.9
Francophone Minority 10.2
Anglophone Minority 3.5
Aboriginal 7.0
English POV 4.0
Diverse Languages 2.5
Versioning 0.9
English Regional Pre-development 1.5
Quebec Regional French Incentive 1.7
Regional French Development 0.3
Northern Production Incentive 0.7
Convergent Total 325.6
Digital Media Codevelopment & Coproduction Incentive 0.3
Canada-New Zealand Digital Media Fund 0.6
Canada-Wallonia Digital Media Incentive for Multiplatform Projects 0.1
International Initiatives Total 1.0
Total 365.6


The Convergent Stream received 89.1% of funding, with 10.9% supporting the Experimental Stream. The Convergent Stream dedicated $325.7M to Canadian screen-based projects including television programming and related digital media content. The Experimental Stream, including the Accelerator Partnership Pilot Program and international initiatives, provided $39.8M for 128 projects from across the country, spurring $61.8M in economic activity within Canada’s digital sector. Industry activity triggered by the Experimental stream rose 4.4% over 2013-2014. 

Overall, 82.0% of CMF funding supported television programming, with the balance of 18.0% supporting digital media content. Digital media content funding increased 1.3 share points from 2013-2014, due to increases in the Experimental Stream budget and convergent commitments. 

CMF funding to digital media content totaled $65.8M in 2014-2015, growing 11.0% from 2013-2014. The Experimental stream provided 60.5% and Convergent Digital Media Incentive (CDMI) funding comprised 18.2% of the total. A total of 21.2% came from other convergent programs, increasing from a 16.7% share in 2013-2014.

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Funding Types

These results were achieved through a variety of CMF funding mechanisms which are constantly reviewed to most effectively serve the evolving needs of content producers. Development, production and marketing of screen-based media are supported through a variety of financing tools including license fee top-ups, equity investments, recoupable investments, advances, and non-recoupable contributions.  CMF investments and repayable advances made up 30.1% of all CMF funding.

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